Directors’ Duty to act within their powers - 2

Due Diligence really is common sense

Although it's a legal term, due diligence is something that really occurs every day. Just think about the questions which go through your head when you are deciding which plumber to phone:

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Directors’ Duty to act within their powers - 1

Directors: Absolute Power vs Duty

Abraham Lincoln once said “to test a man’s character, give him power”. In our modern day business world this is a test administered to each company directors.

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3 Top Business Networking Tips You Should Know

3 top business networking tips you should know

You already know that there are countless benefits to networking, opportunities, confidence, and visibility included. However, you can’t just attend a networking group and expect to reap these valuable rewards.

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Five Undeniable Benefits of Business Networking

Five undeniable benefits of business networking

If you’re a business owner, you’re already familiar with networking. You understand that it’s critical to both personal and professional growth and can generate new business while ingraining your company in the community.

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New Generation High Speed Broadband Internet

BT has rolled out a trial of up to 1000M (theoretical max speed) Internet to Two thousand homes and businesses will be covered by the trial in the coming weeks. It is already delivering speeds of up to 330 megabits per second (Mbps): more than ten times the current UK average.

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