3 Top Business Networking Tips You Should Know

You already know that there are countless benefits to networking, opportunities, confidence, and visibility included. However, you can’t just attend a networking group and expect to reap these valuable rewards.

Instead, it’s what you do while you’re at the group and the opportunities you create through your behaviour that dictate the benefits you can expect to receive.

While part of your success is merely showing up to the once weekly meeting, the another part is largely due to what you do while at the meeting. Below, we’re sharing our top three tips you can use at your next meeting to make sure you aren’t leaving any benefits on the table.

1. Don’t focus too much on your industry

Most of the best networking groups, Kingdom Business Forum included, aren’t industry-specific. That’s because you’ll learn much more from professionals in other industries than you will from competitors in your own industry. 

If you choose to join a networking group, always choose one with a diverse membership base. Doing so brings together a diverse range of expertise and perspectives that can help you bring a new outlook on your own business and industry. After all, professionals in other industries may be individuals who need services like yours. Being able to speak to these individuals, who also have their own businesses and business background, is invaluable.

2. Don’t try to rush relationships

Networking isn’t about new business, but about building relationships. The relationships you build will help you generate business over time but, most importantly, will help you strengthen your business and grow as a person. 

Building a relationship in any networking group is about following up and being patient. Check in with members and see how they’re doing and offer your expertise rather than always asking for assistance. Doing so will build strong relationships that not only stand the test of time but will give you a wealth of professionals you can lean on when you need help.

3. Don’t just show up, get involved

Many professionals believe networking groups don’t work because they show up but nothing really “happens” as a result. The issue is that these professionals aren’t getting involved and without getting involved, you shouldn’t expect anything to happen. 

Put yourself in the middle of your networking group’s action. If you can get involved, do so. If you can volunteer as you can in Kingdom Business Forum, do that as well. Getting involved with others and the organisation as a whole is the best way to reap the benefits an organisation and its members have to offer. Moreover, it’s a great way to give back to your community and build visibility for your business.

How you use a networking group has a lot to do with your success

When you select and join the right networking group, you’re bound to benefit from it. However, you may not be benefitting as much as you could depending on how you’re approaching networking as a whole. 

By taking the information above into account, you can make the most of your networking experience. If you’re still looking for a networking group that feels like the right “fit,” join Kingdom Business Forum at our next meeting. We look forward to meeting you and showing you what networking is all about!

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